The original part of the cabin was built in 1934 out of chestnut logs with cement chinking. The white cement chinking, which can still be seen in the loft, has largely since been replaced with a modern synthetic chinking that is more durable. The chinking helps keep water and air from passing through the log walls and provides better insulation. The original front door is accessible via the porch and leads directly into the living room.

We believe the original structure was single story and comprised of the living room, the bedroom that is to the left of the front door, the utility room as a kitchen, the bathroom down the hallway, and the covered porch. This was then later extended to include an upstairs sleeping loft, the current kitchen and the rear bathroom, plus the master bedroom.

In 1977 the cabin was further extended using sandstone walls and provided the addition of a patio, dining room and extra bedroom. The side door to the property is accessible via the covered patio and leads directly into the dining room.

What’s in the name?

The name ‘Stanroph’ comes from the kennel name belonging to my late mother and is a tribute to her. She bred, showed and judged Golden Retrievers for over 35 years. The name was created in the late 1970’s as an anagram of the first 2 letters in the first names of our then family:

Stephen, Anne, Ronald and Philip = STANROPH

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