The cabin is located on 8.86 acres of private land that is primarily pine forest with some oak and other varieties of trees mixed in.

Currently the cabin consists of the following:

– Porch (with swing)
– Living Room
– Center Hallway
– Center Bathroom
– Master Bedroom (queen bed)
– Guest bedroom (full bed)
– Staircase
– Loft (1 twin bed & 1 foldup bed)
– Patio (with grill & hot tub)
– Large deck (with tables & chairs)
– Dining Room
– Utility Room/Hallway (with cleaning closet & recycling facilities)
– Guest Bedroom (queen bed)
– Kitchen
– Rear Bathroom

Please note: Cabins can typically have low door-frames and ceiling heights and this one is no exception! Some of the doorways are lower than you might encounter at home so for anyone around 6 feet tall like myself please be careful not to bang your head. In time you get used to which ones are a bit lower than expected…

The stairs to the loft has a low ceiling and railing, as do the two doorways and ceilings up there. Smaller children will in general not have a problem but adults or taller children may, so please be careful.